Work Smarter CRM Help

Funnel Builder & Websites

Key differences between building pages in the Funnel Builder vs Website Builder.

General introduction on using the funnel builder.

How to connect a custom domain to your funnel.

How to create and install a Favicon to your funnel pages.

The foundations of the funnel page editor.

How to use the page settings area on the individual page editor.

How to use the page editor at a more advanced level to create AMAZING looking pages.

How to save sections as templates that can be reused on other pages in your funnel or website builder

How to use global sections on funnels and websites

How to create and edit your pop ups on each page.

How to customize the mobile version of your pages.

How to sell products through your funnel pages

How to add a recurring subscription product. This video explains how to add a recurring subscription product.

How to add custom values to pages.

How to add a progress bar to a funnel page

This video shows the difference between a Countdown, Minute Timer, and a Day Timer, and how the Expire Actions can customise what your customers see and when.